COMVEC was founded in 1977, which makes the club one of the oldest, continuous running Military Vehicle Clubs in the country. We are a group of enthusiasts interested specifically in historic and vintage military vehicles. Our interests cover a complete range from research and frame-up restoration to the fun of driving an old Army Jeep and using the vehicles. Some members also buy and sell military surplus parts and accessories. Side interests include books and manuals, field equipment, radios and electronics, and military toys.
The club holds regular meetings on a monthly basis and sponsors other events throughout the year. Typical COMVEC activities include flea markets, summer rallies, trail rides, convoys to historic military sites and social events. Our feature event is the summer rally, held each June, where we host a get together of vehicle collectors from all over the Northeast, with a flea market, displays and prizes in all types of vehicle classes. Another major event is the annual convoy to the Quonset Point Air Museum in Rhode Island complete with club sponsored picnic and campout on the beach. We also participate as a group in many of the area parades. All of our activities stress family participation and enjoyment.
Nationally, vehicles run the gamut from bicycles to tanks and you may see any of them at our rally, but most of the vehicles in COMVEC are Jeeps, ton trucks and 2 ton trucks. Representing all eras from WWI to today.
It is not necessary to own a military vehicle to become a member of COMVEC. Not all club vehicles are perfectly restored and some are used on a daily basis. The emphasis is on fun and camaraderie.
COMVEC is affiliated with the Military Vehicle Preservation Association (MVPA). The MVPA is an international organization based in the USA. COMVEC is also a nonprofit organization incorporated in the state of Connecticut. We also work with the 102nd Infantry Museum in New Haven.
The club publishes a monthly newsletter in order to keep all members informed of not only club business and activities, but also events sponsored by other clubs across the country. Want ads are free for members and are a great source for buying or selling.